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  • Turid Rugaas

    All You Need to Know About Dog Breeds and Their Mysteries

    Turid Rugaas

    Turid Rugaas is a groundbreaking and esteemed figure in the canine domain, globally acknowledged for her proficiency in canine language and behavior. Her career, embellished with over 50 years of experience, is characterized by innovation and a substantial breakthrough in understanding canine calming signals, thereby fostering more harmonious relationships between dogs and their owners. Her philosophy, rooted in an empathetic and respectful view of dogs, encourages an interaction that honors their true nature, promoting mutual understanding and respect.

    Her exceptional contribution to the canine community has revolutionized the way humans communicate and coexist with their four-legged companions, establishing harmony and fluidity in communication between dogs and their guardians. In recognition of her remarkable contributions, Turid was honored by His Majesty King Harald V of Norway, who awarded her the prestigious “Badge of Honour”, culminating a lifetime devoted to promoting a better coexistence and deeper understanding between dogs and humans.

    Talk description:

    In this talk, we'll travel back in time to discover the historical origins of the relationship between dogs and humans, highlighting the fundamental roles they have played over the centuries.

    We will also delve into the captivating diversity of dog breeds, highlighting the unique distinctions and characteristics of each group.

    In addition, we will pay attention to common hereditary issues and the best strategies for managing and preventing them.

  • Smiling Leash

    Social walks : Walk together, smile together

    Smiling Leash

    The Smiling Leash Project aims to change our perception of what a walk with a dog looks and feels like. On the Smiling Leash Facebook and Instagram pages you will find photos and videos of people having slow, relaxing walks with their dogs on a long, loose - smiling - leash. Along with those you will find useful tips on behaviour, equipment and canine wellbeing. Smiling Leash is dedicated to showing the best examples of walking and enjoying time together with our dogs.

    The project is run by an international group of friends and dog trainers: Lyubov Elupova from Bulgaria, Ena Kobentar from Slovenia and Leticia Sanchez-Moral from Spain. All are students of world-renowned dog behaviour expert Turid Rugaas and members of Pet Dog Trainers of Europe.

    Talk description:

    Smiling leash walks are best enjoyed in company. More than that, dogs absolutely need to share meaningful moments with other dogs. Making sure our dogs' social needs are met can be a struggle in our modern world. In this talk the Smiling Leash team is going to explore what is the best kind of social walk, how they can help your dog and how you can organize them yourself. Even if your dog does not seem to like other dogs.

  • Patrick Visser

    Landscapes for dogs

    Patrick Visser

    Patrick's journey began with "Dreamer", his South African Bull Mastiff. Dreamer, who sadly is no longer with him, was more than a pet; he was his best friend. This deep bond encouraged Patrick to seek ways to understand him on a deeper level.

    Although he consulted with three different dog trainers, Patrick couldn't find a training method that resonated with him. For many years, he had been immersed in the world of horse training, so he believed that just as there were different approaches in this domain, there must be someone adopting an alternative approach to dog training. This search led him to the training offered by Turid Rugaas (IDTE).

    Now, Patrick dedicates his daily life to working with both dogs and horses. His expertise extends well beyond creating landscapes for dogs; he is also heavily involved in behavioral rehabilitation and olfactory training for dogs.

    Talk description:

    In this presentation, Patrick will demonstrate the myriad possibilities of crafting beautiful landscapes specially designed for dogs. The talk will delve into various essential questions such as:
    What is the necessity of a landscape for dogs?
    How can one develop such a landscape?
    What are the key considerations to bear in mind?
    And much more!

    With an abundance of illustrations presented from both human and dog perspectives, this presentation promises to be an eye-opener.

    Attendees will be inspired to transform every backyard into a haven for dogs !

  • Bono F Beeler

    Canine Neuropark® - The science of exploration leading to confidence and resilience.

    Bono F Beller
    New Zealand

    Bono F. Beeler shares his life with his faithful four-legged friends, Cash, Del, and Loren. His journey into the dog's world began following a significant event that occurred in September 2010 - the Christchurch Earthquakes, during which he lost his restaurant business. Turning to his dog Sam, a realization dawned upon him: he had always harbored a desire to work with animals, a dream he had set aside in his youth after experiencing the outdated methods taught in dog training.

    Since late 2010, his studies have led him through various philosophies including behaviorism, Pavlovianism, up to contemporary cognitive neuroscience. He always wished he could learn to 'speak dog', just as we learn to communicate in another language such as English or French... As it turns out, it is possible.

    Talk description:

    Bono Beller will introduce you to the Canine Neuropark®, a secure space where dogs can recover both physically and mentally through techniques based on the predictive responses of the brain and body, a process known as Allostasis.

    He will explain that a dog's brain operates like a predictive antenna, constantly evaluating its predictions through sensory data received from the external world and the dog's body. This natural function encourages animals to be curious and explore their surroundings, thus fostering new experiences that build upon their existing knowledge. This not only reduces their stress but also aids in energy management, thereby enhancing their physical and mental well-being.

    Beller will elaborate on how these brain processes positively influence the health of our dogs and how they can also benefit the dog owners.

  • Federica Iacozzilli

    Tartufing, a new perspective on truffle hunting

    Federica Iacozzilli

    Federica is a certified IDTE dog trainer, also recognized by the AICS (Italian Association of Culture and Sport) and a full member of the PDTE. She shares her life and journeys with her two partners: Bruma and Pigna, two Lagotti Romagnoli, and Franco, a Pit Bull cross.

    She specializes in olfactory work and particularly in truffle hunting, also working with dogs that exhibit behavioral issues, addressing them innovatively through this activity.

    Being on the move most of the time to conduct classes all over Italy, she also teaches at her home in her own dog training establishment named "Get Lucky Dog Training".

    Since 2020, she has been regularly collaborating with a well-known and historic truffle hunter association called "Associazione Mantovana Cercatori di Tartufi - Trifulin Mantuan", which promotes ethical and science-based truffle digging training for its members and throughout the Lombardy region in Italy.

    Talk description:

    In this conference, we will explore with Federica a new perspective on truffle hunting.

    She will discuss ethical truffle training and methods to work with dogs facing behavioral issues through truffle hunting.

    Furthermore, we will delve into what "Tartufing" truly entails, joining an adventure to find truffles with Bruma, and Pigna, her two Lagotti Romagnoli.